Based in Le Locle, in Switzerland, the watch manufacture Chronode, led by the master watchmaker Jean-François Mojon, is the technical workshop of the brand. The fearlessness and the talent of these watchmakers are key allies in order to be able to propose such complex and innovative timepieces.

In order to make the concept become real, the brand also made the choice to work hand-in-hand with a local network of expert suppliers, generally small companies or artisans who share the same passion and enthusiasm for haute horology, and who cultivate, like us, the highest level of expectations in their field of expertise.

Working this way at the very beginning, with the best experts and cutting-edge technology, allows the brand not to be limited in its creativity and to push forward the limits of the possible.



According to the demanding specifications of the brand, our expert suppliers will produce different parts of the watch. These parts will be decorated and finished by artisans honouring the highest standards of watchmaking tradition. Exceptional craftsmen will spend up to hundreds of hours per movement in order to reach the brand’s expectations.  Each part has to meet the beauty standards defined by the brand before highly qualified watchmakers assemble the movement with the utmost care.

In the end, the movement and the watch will pass a very strict and final quality control protocol before leaving our workshops and being delivered to its future owner.