Every artwork starts with an idea. A “what if” idea that will consume every member of our Research & Development team until it comes to fruition.

Every single engineer, designer, creative or master watchmaker working for the brand is an enthusiast who feels the need to question what is existing and therefore to imagine what could be, what should be existing.

The thirst for innovation and the quest of beauty are the drivers of the development of our products. This kind of development requires creativity, teamwork, engineering intelligence, passion and absolute focus and determination. This can only be achieved by enthusiasts and experts in the field.

It is this burning desire that will generate the possibility for the dream, for the idea, to become reality.

The following steps are essential

to transform the idea in a concept :


Sketches are the first step to materialize the idea we have in our mind, to give it a shape, to visualize our thoughts.

Then the concept needs to be specified, so we build a functional specification that will later be translated into a technical specification.

These specifications will become the framework of our technical development.


After having carried out series of calculations for the purpose of sizing the components, the engineers will start designing the watch.

Aided by powerful mechanical software, they use their knowledge and creativity to develop each part of the timepiece, first digitally.

In this phase, the engineers will try to remain as faithful as possible to the initial sketches while taking into account their technical problematics.

Inevitably the initial intention will shift, but the goal is to make this shift minimal. That is why during the development, the technical team and the design team collaborate in a phase called « Design convergence ».